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    I'm having a problem with multi page results. When you do a search on the site for say "technology" it returns 11 pages of results. I have categories enabled, so when you narrow your search to only the "Expert" category, it still shows 11 pages of results. The first page of results is all experts, as it should be. When you click to page 2, the results are un-filtered and showing all categories again.

    Is there a way, once you've selected a category, to be sure that selection stays even if you click to subsequent results pages?

    Thanks in advance and let me know if I can clarify.

    URL is

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    The Zoom search script actually does what you want already. Category selections are carried across from one page to the next. You can try this out on our site,

    In your case however you seem to have wrapped our script (search.asp) in your own script (searchims.asp) and this seems to have broken the functionality.

    After passing through your script the URL looks like this,
    where as it should look like this,