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custum search.php header v7

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  • custum search.php header v7

    Hi, I need a header in the search.php file but autocomplete shows me this header. How I can prevent?.

    I've tried with another php file and an iframe to search.php, but I can not pass variables through the iframe.

    Could someone help me?


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    I am not exactly sure what you are asking.

    This FAQ might help however,
    Q. How can I add headers & footers to the search template using SSIs or scripts?


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      Sorry, this is the correct reply:

      My Front Page search form:

      <form method="get" action="mysite/search.php"><input name="zoom_query" type="text" /> <input value="Buscar" type="submit" /><br /> <small> Filtrar por categoría: <select name="zoom_cat"> <option selected="selected">Todas</option>...myCATSoptions...</select><br /> <small> Resultados por página: <select name="zoom_per_page"> <option selected="selected">10</option> <option>20</option> <option>50</option> <option>100</option> </select><br /> Mostrar resultados que contengan:<br /> <input name="zoom_and" value="0" checked="checked" type="radio" />alguna de las palabras<br /> <input name="zoom_and" value="1" type="radio" />todas las palabras</small> </small></span></form>

      My search.php results:

      For example:
      This search work fine
      http://mysite/search.php?zoom_query=informe&zoom_cat=Todas&zoom_ per_page=10&zoom_and=0

      but if I change url from form code action="mysite/buscafull.php" where buscafull.php includes search.php (iframe, virtual or include)
      http://mysite/buscafull.php?zoom_query=informe&zoom_cat=Todas&zo om_per_page=10&zoom_and=0

      This Front Page search provides no results.

      Can you help me, please?



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        I can't see the pages on your site as I don't have a login and I don't have the password.

        I also don't have the source code for your buscafull.php script. So I don't really know exactly what this is doing.

        Again, I would suggest having a look at this FAQ, as I think it covers your issues,
        Q. How can I add headers & footers to the search template using SSIs or scripts?