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Question on common words

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  • Question on common words

    We're a news organization, with 9 different online news service covering a variety of niche areas. I've noticed that if someone does a search enclosed in quotes that has a phrase that is the title of one of our services, when searching ALL services I get minimal results, with little or no results from that specific service.
    One of our services is named Community Development Digest.
    Search by the phrase "community development" for ALL.
    I get "More than 179 results found. 18 pages of results." but NONE are actually from Community Development Digest.
    Filtering for that gives me "No Results".

    "community development is definitely a phrase that could be searched. Is there a way to set specific phrases to NOT be a common word?

    Search at

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    In the "Limits" configuration window in Zoom there is an "Optimization slider".

    If you move this slider to "Slow search / Most accurate", then re-index the site, it should fix your problem.


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      Thanks that works fine, now just have to experiment to find a balance between search time and results.


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        If search times are slow you might also want to consider using the faster CGI option, and also checking what hardware is in the server and how much load is already on the server.