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  • title outside head

    I have an external site that I want to follow select links into and index, but the admin of that site, for some reason that escapes me, has his title outside the head. This maybe why zoomindex is giving me 'no title' for every URL. Any way around this?

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    A page with a title tag outside of the <head> ... </head> section is invalid HTML and will be susceptible to being misinterpreted by crawlers and clients.

    Having said that, we've talked about this several times (of adding a feature to deal with bad HTML pages like these and pick up title tags from outside of the head section) but they were previously decided against. I'll submit it for consideration again and see if we've changed our minds about this.
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      Thanks Ray, appreciated.


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        I appreciate it won't make any difference but this would be really nice. I have this issue with one particular forum and the owner isn't comfortable dipping into the forum software to change his php template (some old phpbb version). Just looks a bit meh. Thanks again for considering.