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  • Search Field Not Displaying

    Recent indexes have produced HTML/JS files that are not displaying the search field and submit button on the index.html page. I'm am not proficient enough in JS to troubleshoot myself, but am familiar enough to be guided in the right direction.
    I don't believe I changed any settings; it just started happening spontaneously.
    Any idea what the problem might be?
    Indexing with JS output due my enterprise's restrictions.

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    First check the setting under "Configure"->"Search Page"->"Search form". Make sure this is set to either "Basic" or "Advanced" and not "Do not generate". You will need to re-index for this change to take effect.

    Second, if you are uploading your search files to a server, make sure you have uploaded ALL the files listed in the window entitled "Required Files" displayed at the end of indexing. If you are manually uploading the files and have failed to re-upload one or two files, you may be mixing files from different indexing sessions (since the other files on the server will be from a previous session).

    Third, when you're at the search page in the browser, check the JavaScript console for any error messages. In Chrome, you can find this under "Tools"->"Javascript console". IE and Firefox all have their own consoles. Let us know what error messages are shown here.
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