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Multiple ZOOMSTOP blocks?

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  • Multiple ZOOMSTOP blocks?

    I would like to exclude both the header and footer of my pages from indexing, focusing only on the body content. The ZOOMSTOP / ZOOMRESTART block around the header seems to be working, but a second block on the same page seems to be ignored (the footer is being indexed). Is it possible to use multiple blocks on a single page? If not, is there another way to accomplish this?

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    You can have multiple ZOOMSTOP/ZOOMRESTART on the page. These tags must be used as it is, in upper case, with no space characters within the tags. A <!--ZOOMSTOP--> tag must be followed by a <!--ZOOMRESTART--> tag somewhere later in the page for it to take effect. You cannot have nested ZOOMSTOP tags. Zoom will simply skip starting from the ZOOMSTOP tag found, up to the first occurrence of ZOOMRESTART.