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Searching for CPC+

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  • Searching for CPC+

    I am using Zoom Indexer as it is integrated within the Help & Manual software. I am trying to search for the term "CPC+" in WebHelp and it returns no results, however it should be returning 9 results.

    Is there anything else I can try customizing to get this term to return results?

    I posted my question to the H&M forum, but it was suggested I come here and post it as well to see if there were any suggestions.

    As I usually just deal with H&M with any search issues I may have, please let me know if there is any information I have left out that would be beneficial.

    (I am using H&M Version 7.1.0 Build 3925)

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    The + symbol is treated as a word separator (with a couple of exceptions for special terms like C++ and C#).

    So Dog+Cat is the same as Dog Cat.
    Meaning you can't normally do a search for the plus symbol.

    BUT, it when you do a search like this the + symbol should be striped and it should get a match.

    For example see this search for CPC+.