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ASP .NET Windows Identity Foundation - cannot login

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  • ASP .NET Windows Identity Foundation - cannot login

    Hi, I'm using Microsoft's Windows Identity Foundation, under which a page request from a session that is not logged in, is redirected to a Security Token Server (STS).
    The STS conducts the login and then directs back to the original URL. If a session is logged in, there are no redirections. I set up cookie-based authentication.
    I can see the Zoom log initiating the login ("Automatic login details submitted...") and in MY log I can see that the login succeeds. Zoom then starts the first thread,
    and it gets redirected to the STS, meaning it is coming in on an unauthenticated session. This causes Zoom to fail. It sounds like logging in with IE and then checking
    the "Use cookies from Windows and IE" box is exactly what I need. I would check it if it existed... can anyone say why the checkbox isn't there? I'd include a
    screenshot but the forum won't let me. Thanks, Warren
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    We don't have any experience with WIF / STS and have no comparable installation like this we can test against.
    Sharing cookies with IE in V7 is no longer an option as we no longer use IE to download web pages / store cookies.
    Zoom still supports cookies however, just not shared.
    So maybe the existing software can be made to work, but we aren't in a position to provide any instructions on how to make it work.

    The FAQ for dealing with the more common login schemes can be found here.