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  • Indexing of links

    How do I disable the indexing of the links in a page. I put the only pages that i want indexed in a separate folder for that purpose only but it is indexing all the links on the pages also. How do I stop that. It really is useless to any of my future viewers to have all that junk come up. I know the people that will use the website and they would just shut it down. Then the whole purpose of the website would be ruined. It is not a comercial site by the way.

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    If you don't want the indexer to follow links on a page then there are various options.

    One option is to use <!--ZOOMSTOPFOLLOW--> and <!--ZOOMRESTARTFOLLOW--> tags to specify sections of a page containing links that the spider should not follow. Note that the text within this section will still be indexed when this is used alone.


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      The other alternative is to use the 'Offline' indexing mode rather than spidering mode if the original content is in a folder on your PC. In offline mode it will only index the folder (and sub-folder off) that you configure it too.
      Mark Gallagher