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Server security and replacement of Google site search

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  • Server security and replacement of Google site search

    I'm considering Zoom, now that Google is pulling the plug on ad-free site search. My server's administrator is concerned about server security, given that I'll be running scripts there. Is he right to be concerned? What should I tell him?

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    Zoom Search is great replacement for Google Site Search.

    Zoom search does not use a server backed SQL database, instead the index files are in a self contained format. The only interaction from the default search script is accessing these set of files. The standard practice of sanitizing user inputs has also been put in place. The latest version has addressed all XSS attacks that we are aware of. None of the search files is hosted on our server and Zoom does not send any information regarding any search/statistics to us either. If your server admin is still concerned and you are using PHP, ASP or JavaScript search platform, you can review the script source code for these files.

    If there is ever anything of concern, let us know and we will look to address it.


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      Thank you!