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  • case sensitive

    Is it possible to make the search NOT case sensitive? I'm having a problem with smartphones capitalizing entries whether the user does or not.

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    You may have accidentally turned on "Support single-case languages" under "Configure"->"Languages". Uncheck this option (you will need to reindex for it to take effect).


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      "Support single-case languages" is turned on, but not accidentally. Lots of CJK glyphs in the site.
      I think I may not have explained my problem very clearly. There is a unit called "acre" and a city called "Acre" The site has a popular page on the acre, acre.htm, and the city Acre is mentioned in a number of pages about other units of measure. When a desktop user enters "acre" in search, she gets as the first result acre.htm. When a smartphone used types "acre", the phone converts it to "Acre", and the results list is many pages in which the city "Acre" is mentioned. No one is going to scroll through it all hoping to reach acre. I realize I can deal with acre by setting it in the recommended links, but hat approach could require hundreds of entries in the RL list.

      My query is, is there a switch for telling the Zoom search engine to be case-insensitive, so everything is treated as lowercase? I realize this would create a new set of ambiguitoes, but maybe preferable (for my purposes) to the current state.


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        Found the solution
        <input autocapitalize="off" autocorrect="off"