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Searching pops up NTLM authentication box

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  • Searching pops up NTLM authentication box

    We run the zoom search aspx on an intranet site in house. When any search is done, a windows authentication box pops up prompting for credentials. When filled in with credentials, a "This page can't be displayed" page opens. If cancel is clicked on the authentication box, we get a "401 - Unauthorized: Access is denied due to invalid credentials" back from IIS. It is possible we don't have this configured correctly, but we've tried seemingly everything. Has anyone had a similar issue in the past?

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    The Zoom search script itself never prompts for passwords / authentication. So this must be something coming from your web site, not from the Zoom script. After the search is executed and results have been produced in your browser window, then the search script is no longer involved.

    But maybe the search index isn't correct thus the URLs produced in the search results aren't valid. So maybe on your site you get the "This page can't be displayed" message in place of the normal "404 page not found" message, which one would normally get for invalid URLs.