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  • Search results to exclude links

    I am new to Zoom and we are going live next month. Currently, the search results include the links on the pages. I would like to change this to exclude links and only review the text on the page for the search word(s). Is this possible? Any help is much appreciated.

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    This is not normally what you want. The words that are linked on a page are normally the interesting words.
    Can you give more detail of why this is required or an example of why it might be a good thing, maybe there is some other solution.


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      I'm not sure exactly what you're trying to achieve but you can remove hyperlinks with a little jquery - have a look at I haven't tested this myself but looking at the Fiddle it works OK. Hope that helps.


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        Won't work as iquery is client site. Meaning it only runs the Javascript script after the page has been fully downloaded, which is too late. It has been a week since the initial post with no update, so i suspect the original poster has lost interest.