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  • Search Page Options - V7

    Hi Guys,

    New to this forum so forgive me if I repeat an already answered question however I tried searching the forum with no luck…

    Two things;
    1. Is there a way not to generate a new search_template every time I index (indexing via .asp)? Although I select not to generate a “search form” in the search page options of the Zoom indexing app, it will always put a new one in my output folder???
    2. I know there is reference that it shouldn’t matter if the search page is called search_template as it appears “invisible”, but it still appears in the URL which does look a little unprofessional etc… Is there a way to change simply?

    Any help – much appreciated!


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    For the ASP option, the search page URL should be search.asp. The template file name is not in the URL. So maybe you are confused about that which might render the first question irrelevant?

    The search_template is only created if it doesn't already exist. If you are really sure you need nothing in the search_template file, you can have a blank zero length file.


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      Ahhhh.... got it. Have replace links to Search.asp which solved the issue

      Also, seeing as i was exporting files locally, it was't seeing the search_template as i was deleting them manually.... Well done! Love the support