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New Mac User - Search form missing when search.php script is run

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  • New Mac User - Search form missing when search.php script is run

    Not sure what I'm doing wrong here. Seems indexing is working and the form is installed correctly, but the only result I can get from a search is shown below. Using a Mac with Dreamweaver. Here is the webpage:

    Thanks in advance for any help. Search this site

    Enter one or more keywords to search for using the Zoom Search Engine.
    Note that '*' and '?' wildcards are supported.

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    The search form on your home page links to a script called search.php.
    (and Zoom does use a PHP script with this name, as one of the options)

    But I am suspecting that the search.php file on your web site isn't the file we provided with our software. It is some other code. The output looks like nothing our script can generate.


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      I'm using Zoom indexer to generate the files. The search form code was copied from the Zoom website. I must be missing something?


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        I'm only using files that were generated from the Zoom indexer and the search form was copied from the Zoom website.


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          Problem was resolved via Email I believe. The search_template.html file was (somehow) edited using slightly deranged Mac TextEdit program and critical code was stripped out from it.
          Restoring original search_template.html fixed it.


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            It happened to me as well. When you click on "edit template", it automatically loaded in Text edit, and is now giving me blank results. How do I restore the original?


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              The problem with TextEdit is that by default it doesn't edit the text for a HTML file. Instead it renders the HTML document like a browser would. Then when it saves it, it uses rich text. The end result is much of your HTML code will be lost / corrupted.

              Opening the "default" program for HTML is also problematic if you are trying to edit the file. For most people the default will be Safari browser. Which of course is no good for editing the file. So there doesn't appear to be anyway to edit a HTML file on the Mac (in the Mac default configuration).

              While we assume most Mac web developers are aware of this already (or are just using a better editor), there are work-arounds to get TextEdit to behaviour better when editing HTML files. See,

              If TextEdit has messed up your file, you can recover the original file.
              If you delete the bad search_template.html from the output directory, then the default file will be recreated next time run the indexing process.