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Support or Possible help with applying changes to my search result Files

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  • Support or Possible help with applying changes to my search result Files

    I have just set up Zoom on my site. I've gone through the manual and everything is working as described. If this is outside the help I understand but any help/suggestions would be appreciated.

    I have 2 questions or I guess issues I am trying to work out.

    1. I know you can assign a .jpg or anything to the audio files to show up. I have done this but my question is if my .mp3 files are coming from iTunes and I have embedded the Artwork from each album is there a way for the audio file to just show the embedded artwork? I am confident that each file has one. It just seems there is probably an easier way than me having to go thorough each album and attach the artwork to the songs in the album . Maybe there is not a way but I am assuming there is and I just have not seen it in the manual and I do not know enough about coding to figure this out.

    2. I have built a "Music Search" Engine on my website so I have gone through all of my sound design and audio .mp3 files and embedded them with the meta-data as described. The search engine is functioning just how it said it would and I am very pleased. Now what I would like to do is add a play/pause function next to each audio file when they pull up in the result's. Very basic, just literally a Play and pause so people can quickly play the sounds and not have to have each file open in a new window. I understand you can have your search result's open in a new window/frame but that is not what I am after. Could anyone help me understand at what point or what document (css?) could I possibly input some basic javascript (hopefully I can do this for All audio files and not have to define each one with a .desc) that would make it so once you enter a search each audio file will return and have this audio function next to it.

    I hope I am describing this well enough. Any information would help. I'm very happy with everything and this has made it affordable for me, I figured I would ask a few questions and if I can not do it I will have to hire some one for a few little tweaks. I would really like to do this myself I'm just not finding a solution and I know there are a lot of much wiser people out there than I am. Thanks in advance for any help

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    1) Zoom does not currently extract embedded artwork in MP3 files to use as thumbnails for search results. If there's enough demand we might consider it in the future, but currently you're the first person to ask for it.

    In the meantime, you can assign thumbnails via the ZOOMIMAGE meta tag, or by a corresponding file naming scheme and a folder containing these images as described here.

    2) There's no current feature to provide an embedded audio player for audio search results.

    The short answer is, you would need some custom development. A solution is certainly possible if you hired a moderately experienced developer to look at the problem. But judging from your questions, it would not be something you can do yourself.

    The longer answer is, it would involve either modifying the search script (say, PHP) source code (note this will create problems with future support because you can't upgrade for bug fixes anymore), or a more sophisticated (better) approach would be to write a new script which takes the search results from Zoom in XML format, and creates its own HTML presentation output to suit your needs.
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      Perfect, Thank you for getting back to me. I'll get someone to help me out at this point. I like the (better) approach you mentioned. That answers my question's of what I can and can't do as well as what I need help with!