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  • Bootstrap cards - Zoomsearch

    Hello! Im new to zoomsearch and looking at the pdf help file.
    I found out that i put the <!--ZOOMSEARCH--> tag where i want the results to appear. Will this just create a table with all results? I want to customize more and put results into bootstrap cards and flexbox and so on. Can this be done with Zoomsearch?

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    By default, the results returned with the <!--ZOOMSEARCH--> tag are marked up with simple <div> elements. No <table> markup is used.

    However it is best to do your own tests using the Free Edition (with 50 pages indexed) to see if it suits your layout.

    There are also Advanced Template Options (see the Users Guide) where you can request specific elements of the search results with specific tags.

    There is also the option to have XML output (when using the CGI) in which case you can post-process the results in any way you see fit.
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