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cgi-bin trouble shooting

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  • cgi-bin trouble shooting

    Hi everyone,

    We've been using the Zoomsearch (Enterprise) engine on our family of websites.

    I am currently attempting to explore the approach of using the "cgi" scripts, so we can get the results in XML so we have much more flexibility in manipulating the data and output of the results.

    I am running a docker container that has all the Apache/CGI set up in place.
    When I hit the test URL: [test domain]/cgi-bin/search/search.cgi?zoom_query=car I am getting a 500 server error.

    The rights on the folders are correct, and as this is a local instance, no FTP has been used in the process to get the files in to the CGI bin folder(s)

    Are there any instructions and/or hints on how to trouble shoot these types of issues?

    Any help much appreciated!



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    A "500" error from a web server is a very general error. You need to look into the web server logs to get a more detailed failure reason.

    The most common failure reasons are,
    1) Running the Linux CGI on Windows (or vice versa). As the CGI is a compiled binary (for high performance) you need to pick the correct O/S version in Zoom.

    2) Having the web server incorrectly setup to run all CGIs as Perl scripts. (While Perl can use CGI, not all CGIs are not Perl)

    See also this page
    I get a "500 Internal Server Error" message when running the CGI.