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  • Optimizing Search Results

    Optimizing Search Results

    We use Zoom Search Engine Enterprise edition 7.1 (build 1022) for our college website. It works great. The only issue I have is relevance/scores of search results. Here is an example.

    If you go to our home page here – and search for foundation you will end up here:

    First page of search results shows 10 results with links to different PDF files, but the main Foundation page link ( is displayed on the second page of results as result #11.

    What settings in Zoom Indexer do I need to configure in order for main Foundation page link to be displayed as first or one of the first results on the first results page?

    I played with word weighting in the Weightings section and read the help topic (I put all weightings back to Normal now), put this code in Foundation main page:

    HTML Code:
    <meta name="ZOOMPAGEBOOST" content="5">
    But still cannot make this happen. And this is true for other search terms like Culinary or Nursing.

    That’s why I implemented “Recommended links” feature for foundation and bunch of other words.

    Please help.


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    Ignoring the #1 PDF result for the moment.

    Let's compare the meta data for the #2 result with your preferred #11 result.

    <title>OCC Foundation</title>
    <meta name="keywords" content="Foundation, Fundraising, Scholarships, Donate, Oakland Community College, About Foundation">
    <meta name="description" content="Oakland Community College Foundation ">

    <title>Report to Investors</title>
    <meta name="keywords" content="Report to Investors, OCC Foundation Report to Investors">
    <meta name="description" content="OCC Foundation Report to Investors">

    So the #2 result looks more than twice as relevant based on the metadata. So no surprise your preferred page ranks low. Playing with the weighting isn't going to solve this. For example making the page title or keywords more important will just make things even worse.

    If you can't fix the title or keywords, can you add a new ZOOMWORDS tag to page #11?
    <meta name="ZOOMWORDS" content="Foundation Foundation Foundation">

    Also you claim the ZOOMPAGEBOOST tag was on page #11, but I looked at the page, and the tag isn't in the code.


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      Thanks for reply David.

      I put ZOOMPAGEBOOST in the main foundation page -, #2, not #11.
      I will test tag.

      Thanks again.