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  • Thumbnail Operations

    I'm looking for some clarity over how thumbnails work in ZOOM. Having consulted the help system its not completely clear.

    I index multiple sites where some thumbnails exist for PDF files for the main site, but not others.

    Under Scan Options I have currently told it to use a specific icon for ALL PDF files.

    However, under Spider Options there is an option "Check thumbnails exist on website before using URL" but its not completely clear to me what effect this has if its checked on. Currently its checked off.

    I suppose the question I'm asking is that if the spider can't find a thumbnail for the specific file will it use the icon specified in Scan Options by default.

    Thank you.

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    The option will simply do an online test to confirm if the thumbnail/icon URL is pointing to an actual file (it does not return a 404), before writing into the index to use that thumbnail URL.

    Whether this is an "Icon URL" specified for a file type, or a distinct thumbnail URL for each document/file, the same applies.

    I presume the misunderstanding comes from the fact that it references "Thumbnail" as opposed to "Icon". In this case, it is basically the same thing. So a more accurately worded option would be, "Check if thumbnail/icon image configured for page exists on web site before using URL".

    If the URL does not exist, it will NOT use that URL for the image, and the result will simply have no image associated with it.
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      Thanks Ray. I think I can overcome/resolve the issue programatically by using the XML option and looping over it as a query but that will take me a little while to develop but does open up other possibilities.