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List of categories defined on an index

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  • List of categories defined on an index

    Hi there,

    I have a Zoomseach index I am searching against.
    There there a call I can make on the index, or some other way I can get a list of the categories that are defined against that index?

    The index I am working with is a CGI one, and I am returning the results in XML format.

    Any help appreciated thanks!

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    Yes, if you call the search.cgi with "?zoom_xml=1&masternode=1" as HTTP GET parameters, you will get the OpenSearch channel response which return all the settings including the list of Categories.
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      Hi Ray,

      That's great thanks.

      Are the order they are in the array the number of the category if I want to search just that category?
      <zoom:category>Document</zoom:category> = "zoom_cat=0"
      <zoom:category>News</zoom:category> = "zoom_cat=1"
      <zoom:category>Page</zoom:category> = "zoom_cat=2"

      Also, is there any documentation on the available params and the function?
      I couldn't find any reference to the "masternode" param.

      Is there param that will also provide the break down of the number of results in each/other category?

      e.g. I do a search on the "page" category, is there away for the result XML to inform me of how many other results there are in "News" and "Document" categories?

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