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Ver 7 updates hats off to programers

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  • Ver 7 updates hats off to programers

    It works like ligtnig . Very fast and rockes loving it .highley recomended
    Good job
    Thank you

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    Now if we could just talk you into adding

    A option button. That would When crawling it would open a browser take a snapshot and add that as the picture to that url. I Would call it the world greatest search software.

    The applications for this is big. to have a picture beside every result, Of what is on that link.

    This would be good for corporations and company's that have a lot items for sale showing there products beside the link can be very helpful in the auto industry, pumps, tracker parts,electrical parts, so on many applications for it...

    Originally posted by Brittany View Post
    It works like Lightning . Very fast and rocks loving it .highly recommended
    Good job
    Thank you