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Zoom V7 search speed benchmarks updated

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  • Zoom V7 search speed benchmarks updated

    We updated the Zoom search benchmarks page today.

    Compared to the old page, the new results use V7 of Zoom, updated browsers, updated webserver software and more modern hardware.

    Search performance is up to 3 times faster compared to the V6 benchmarks. While it would be nice to claim this was all due to software improvements, the switch to modern hardware and a solid state drive really made the difference.

    V7 will search a 125,000 pages, (10,532,537 total words) in around 0.1 seconds using the .CGI option.

    We plan to also
    • Include benchmarks for much larger site (> 1M pages) in the near future.
    • Add FastCGI benchmark results as well. Based on past experience we should be able to get another order of magnitude improvement.
    • Add a page showing indexing speed benchmarks