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Zoom Search V7 Free Edition, can not index the words inside the PDF?

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  • Zoom Search V7 Free Edition, can not index the words inside the PDF?

    Hi, I has download the v7 Free Edition, and want to index the words inside the PDF.

    The FAQ says that, the v7 do not need to install plugins(pdf/doc etc) separately.
    So, before indexing, I add the .pdf to scan extension panel in scan option, and I use Javascript as platform.

    After indexing, the log is:

    Queued URL: http://xxxx/xxx.pdf
    DL Thread #2, got URL (http://xxxx/xxx.pdf) off queue
    Downloading file http://xxxx/xxx.pdf
    Index Thread got ready buffer for http://xxxx/xxx.pdf (Content-type: Acrobat document)
    Spidering for links on http://xxxx/xxx.pdf
    Indexing http://xxxx/xxx.pdf

    But, it not work. The pdf in my website is a valid PDF document, has not security settings. And it is not converted from image,it contain the textual content.

    So, if i need to do some setting to index the words inside the PDF? Or this function does not support for Javascript?

    Thank you.

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    You should check that,

    1) The document is really in PDF format and can be opened without errors Adobe Reader.
    2) The document is not password protected. If the document is password protected then check you have entered the correct password in Zoom.
    3) Check the document security settings (In Adobe Reader select File / Properties / Security) to see if 'content copying' and 'page extraction' is allowed.

    If you still have a problem, then E-Mail us the PDF file in question.


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      Check also that under "Configure"->'Scan options' you have the ".pdf" extension added with the file type as "Acrobat document" and not "HTML text" or similar.

      Indexing PDF files is definitely supported for JavaScript (or any platform).

      Can you also let us know which indexer/product you are using (Windows, Linux, or Mac)?
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