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Search showing only documents not html pages

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  • Search showing only documents not html pages


    This might seem very stupid sorry! I have installed the enterprise edition and have indexed my site but I have noticed when I search for a particular word that the title is only bringing .doc or pdf files in the title of the search it is not returning the html pages that might contain that particular work - what am I doing wrong - I have included html, htm, asp, aspx in the file extensions to be used?


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    You should first check if those pages you're expecting are actually indexed. Look at the Log tab of the Indexer after indexing, or use the "Index"->"Manage existing index"->"View or delete pages from existing index" window.

    If those pages are not indexed, and you're using Spider mode, then it could be a crawling issue. The spider simply never found the links to the pages in question, but found links to the PDF or DOC files directly elsewhere on your site. See this FAQ for more details:

    Also see this general FAQ on how to check which pages are skipped or excluded from your index (and why):
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      Thank you Ray I will check this out