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Microsoft VBScript runtime error '800a0007'

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  • Microsoft VBScript runtime error '800a0007'


    I am after getting the above message Microsoft VBScript runtime error '800a0007' Out of memory at line 1718 - my search is an internal intranet site and runs on asp - I have purchased the Enterprise Edition

    Can you help?


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    Maybe it really is an out of memory error.
    How big is the index you are trying to search and how much RAM is in the server?


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      it has indexed 18206 files and looking at the log it finished properly. I am using asp pages?


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        Regarding the size of the index -- please tell us the file sizes of the .zdat files generated. Also how much RAM is available on your web server?

        Also check the following:
        1) That you have not modified any of the "Required files" listed at the end of indexing. That is, "search.asp", "settings.asp" or any of the .zdat files. If so, please inform us.
        2) Make sure that you have uploaded and overwritten all the abovementioned "Required files" on the server, and you are not mixing files from different indexing sessions. For example, using a "settings.asp" file from one index session with a different one, will lead to a corrupted index and unexpected behaviour such as what you are describing.
        3) Confirm which version and build of the indexer you are using (click "Help"->"About")
        4) If you still have trouble, you can zip up your index files and e-mail them to us. And we can take a closer look.
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