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Files in certain folder not showing on results page

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  • Files in certain folder not showing on results page

    There are certain files that I have offline indexed that are not displaying on the results page and I cannot figure it out why. These files are only in a certain folder on my local site. Files from other folders get indexed and display on the result page but not from this particular folder. The log says that the files in this folder were indexed. All of the necessary files for the search directory were uploaded. I am using a javascript configuration.

    Any ideas why or how to fix the problem?

    Thank you.

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    It can be many different reasons.

    If the files are indexed, perhaps the words that you are expecting to be indexed could not be. For example, perhaps they were within a HTML comment tag (or a <!--ZOOMSTOP--> and <!--ZOOMRESTART--> tag). Or perhaps the page has broken HTML. Or perhaps the content is in JavaScript or requires scripting (either client side or server side). There are literally a hundred different possible reasons.

    If you can link us to the file in question, we could take a closer look. Better yet, email us:
    1) The page that is definitely indexed
    2) The .zcfg configuration file you are using
    3) Your index log showing that the file gets indexed
    4) And tell us what search word you are submitting to the search page

    And we can take a look.
    Wrensoft Web Software
    Sydney, Australia
    Zoom Search Engine


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      I have emailed the requested information.