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suggestions for indexing a handbook?!

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  • suggestions for indexing a handbook?!

    I'm creating a mobile app by the Cordova technology. I was looking for a professional offline JavaScript search engine and I found Zoom.

    My project is to make a handbook searchable. I have a huge amount of text in bullet point format.
    user can search any word and the search result would take the user to the related bullet points.

    the first thing comes to my mind is to make an html page (or txt file) for each bullet point and let the zoom do the rest of the job. but then instead of having one simple text file I have to generate thousands of html (or txt) files. It sounds time consuming and also a huge library of html (or txt) files to manage.

    is there any better (faster and more professional) way to make a book (which is all in bullet point format) searchable?

    many thanks

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    The first question is, what format is the existing book content provided in? Is it one single text file?

    If you want each bullet point to be listed as a separate search result -- then yes, you would need to have them split up to individual text files each.

    There are various tools online (e.g. GSplit) which can split a text file into multiple files based on a character or pattern.

    There is an alternative, but it won't be as good. You can use the "Jump to highlighting" script on your page to allow for a matched word to jump to the first occurrence. This however, only scrolls the page to the first occurrence of the word, and it won't necessarily take you to the one the user is looking for. Not to mention that on the "search results" page, it will only list as one result. So really it's not ideal if you only have ONE file. It might be OK if you have chapters, and a page for each chapter.
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      I would probably split it up because I need a professional look for the user interface.

      thanks for your quick reply!
      it saved a lot of time and thinking.