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Best solution for large offline site?

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  • Best solution for large offline site?

    Hi there,
    I have a snap shot of a project due to be delivered to a customer and they require a search engine.

    I've been looking up different solutions but unsure what the best option would be.
    The files number over 80k collectively and the hdd space used is nearly 130gb. Is it possible to still use the zoom search engine to index and search these files while remaining offline?

    The javascript option was preferable but seems unfeasible after looking at the capacity comparison on the faq page. If possible I want to keep all files for the engine on the hdd and avoid forcing the consumer to install any software or use servers, but I can understand the need if necessary.


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    What type of files are they?

    For 130GB of files, I don't think Javascript is going to work.

    This page has a summary of the options.