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Problem scheduling automatic indexing on win 7.

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  • Problem scheduling automatic indexing on win 7.


    I have zoom enterprise edition running on windows 7. I have enabled the detailed index logging in the zoom config file. I'm able to manually run zoom indexer on the intranet website (spider mode) and, see the log details updated.

    The issue is running zoom indexer scheduled - I do the run as administrator on the zoom indexer, select the correct zoom config file and then go to Tools -> schedule automatic indexing. Next schedule it to run once at a specified time. The index logging is enabled in the config file. I wait an hour past the scheduled time and the job did not run as there is no index log file created or new index files generated.

    I tried the same via windows scheduler - goto task scheduler in control panel. and set the zoom config file to run at a certain time, I see the error message in history for the task - Action Failed to Start (Launch Failure). There is no new index files or index log file created. Any idea on how to fix and what could be causing the automated indexing to not run or fail?

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    In the windows scheduler I see the error - not a valid win32 application


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      Which executable are you scheduling with?

      Looking online there appears to be a known problem with scheduling a 32-bit application on a 64-bit machine which can return that error. Perhaps you can try scheduling the 64-bit application (i.e. "ZoomIndexer64.exe")
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        I have the same problem (not a valid win32 application) where can i find the 64-bit application?


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          You can find it under the Windows Start menu.

          The normal location of the executable is here,
          C:\Program Files (x86)\Zoom Search Engine 7.0\x64\ZoomIndexer64.exe