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Core engine does not appear to be responding

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  • Core engine does not appear to be responding

    Hi, I am trying to index some sites and keep receiving a message that the "core engine does not appear to be responding". What causes this and is there a setting that I can change to avoid receiving this error message? Thank you.

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    Most common cause is a bug or a crash in the indexing engine (which is really a bug as well).

    But low ram, or an exceedingly slow system could potentially provoke it as well.

    So first step is to make sure you are running the latest software. See,

    If you are running the latest release, then can you describe the circumstances in a bit more detail.
    - Does it happen all the time?
    - Are you on windows?
    - The hardware specs of the machine?
    - How many documents / pages are you trying to index?
    - Haw far does it get before the error appears?
    - Are you indexing a web site, or doing offline indexing?
    - Do you have the log file?


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      Hi, I am running Windows on dual Intel Xeon processors with 8 cores and 16gb ram. I am indexing member websites. I ran the index again and receive the core engine error at 24,468 and at 66,273 files indexed.

      I am also indexing about 190,000 PDF files and am receiving the error message from search.cgi when I attempt a search "Error: Out of memory for storing word variants.Failed to load dictionary file." Is there a maximum number of variant words that search.cgi can handle? Thank you.
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        What version of Zoom are you using?
        Are you using the 64bit version?

        I am indexing member websites
        Are these public sites?
        Can we can a copy of your Zoom configuration file.


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          Hi, I attempted to index the PDF files again with a default zoom.cfg running the 64 bit version and again the received the "Out of memory" error. Which email address can I email the zoom.cfg file to you?


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            Contact details are on the Contact Us page.

            Please send the log and the configuration file. You can save the log to a file from the "Index log" configuration window.


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              Thank you. I have emailed the configuration and index log file.