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Startup Error Number: 2

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  • Startup Error Number: 2

    I have been using Zoom Search for years. V7 has been working perfectly until today when I made website changes. When I clicked on Zoom Indexer I received this error message:
    Startup Error Number: 2
    A problem has occurred with your installation.
    You may need to uninstall and reinstall the software.
    Contact: ......
    I did a clean install to another directory and received the same error.

    Help anyone???

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    Do you remember which version and/or build you are using?

    Did you make sure to download the latest build before reinstalling?

    You can find the latest build for Windows here:

    If you still have trouble, let us know which directory you are installing to. And your version of Windows.
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      Did you installed any plugin?
      Sr. Analyst