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  • Keywords in multiple languages

    I support a site with documents in English, Chinese, and sometimes, both (Chinese and English in the same document). And sometimes my users have documents that have keywords like this:

    <meta name="keywords" content="Quick Reference Guides, Workday Training, 培训" />
    My question is this:

    If the language tab is set to use English (when the index is created), will it find any results if the phrase "培训" is used as the search term? And, tf the language tab is set to use Chinese (when the index is created), will it find any results if the phrase "Workday Training" is used as the search term?

    According to my users in China, when they search for "培训" they are not getting results.

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    It's tricky to have both languages searching optimally within the same index.

    But if you have to have both Chinese and English within the same index, then I would advise setting your configuration to suit Chinese.

    This means you would have settings such as the following (under the Languages tab):
    * Use Unicode UTF-8
    * DISABLE all accent/diacritic insensitivity and DISABLE diagraphs and latin ligature features
    * ENABLE "Support single-case languages (e.g. asian languages)"
    * ENABLE "Substring match for all searches"

    More info on the International Language Support page

    The downside to this is that some English words would not search optimally. For example, "training" will match a search for "rain". This is due to the fact that Chinese requires substring matching as words are not delimited by spaces.
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      Thank you very much, that was exactly what i needed.

      I hope you have a great day!


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        I was struggling with this problem pretty long. Finally get to the resolution Thanks guys for the advice