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No Results Found after v7.1 Update

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  • No Results Found after v7.1 Update

    I recently updated to v7.1 (professional) from 7.0 and I'm not getting any results from the search on my web site. The php script runs, but just returns "no results found". During the troubleshooting process one of the major differences I have noticed is in the settings.php file. My past file displayed:

    $OutputBasewordBufferSize = 71804;
    $OutputVariantBufferSize = 96405;
    $NumKeywords = 9599;
    $NumVariants = 9942;

    and now I only get:

    $OutputBasewordBufferSize = 690;
    $OutputVariantBufferSize = 2236;
    $NumKeywords = 185;
    $NumVariants = 256

    Everything else seems to be pretty much the same. Could this be the issue and what could be causing it?


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    The settings.php is generated from the configuration settings and results from the indexing process. The different values may indicate some change in your configuration since the upgrade took place. First step is review your configuration to check for any inconsistencies between your pre and post upgrade values.


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      Just a thought, did you re-enter your license key after updating?
      Those numbers seems suspiciously like it's only indexing 50 pages.
      Check the top toolbar or about dialog to make sure it's in pro mode.


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        Richard - I agree. I just can figure out what settings effect those specific variables.

        sanGeoff - Yes, I reentered the key and it says it is in pro mode, good idea though.


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          Check the log too to see if it's failing to index certain pages or not getting as far into the indexing as you expect. Perhaps the spider isn't logging in, or something similar.
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            Problem Solved - No Results Found after v7.1 Update

            I realized that in the past I was having a compatibility issue with the ZoomEngine.exe file and had set it to run in Windows XP SP2 mode. Once I realized this was carried over to the newest version, I unchecked the "Run in Compatibility Mode" box within the Properties-->Compatibility tab and all is working correctly now.

            For some reason it was capping my $NumVariants to 256 running in that mode.

            Thanks for everyone's input.