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  • Only index new files

    I am currently using the trial version of the Zoom Search Engine and have a few questions that will determine if I should upgrade to the full version.

    I'm working on a fairly large site that has 2000+ pdfs that need to be indexed on a daily basis. Is there a way to only index new files and ignore files that have already been indexed, while still being able to search all of them? I'm mainly concerned about the time it will take to index these files since I will be doing it so often.

    Like I said before I'm on the trial version so I can only index 50 files, I don't really have a reference for how long it would take to index 2000+ files.

    Any input on this would be greatly appreciated, thanks in advance.

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    If you only have PDFs, indexing in offline mode will be a bit quicker.

    There won't be any noticeable slow down beyond 50 files. So if it took 1 min for 50 files, then you can assume 40min for 2000 PDFs (assuming the PDF file sizes are about the same and the web server give consistent performance).

    There are options for incremental indexing, both from the command line and the graphical user interface.