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Return search results on every key input using Node.js

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  • Return search results on every key input using Node.js

    Our client wants to have search results returned on every key input like most social media sites do now. Is this possible with zoom search engine? The site currently uses Google Suggestions Tool, to return possible queries, but we would like to return results from database instead. (I can send a URL to explain what I mean). We'll be integrating it to Node.js, as the site is built using it.

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    The CGI is able to return XML queries. So you can build a front-end which makes AJAX calls to the CGI (with a "&zoom_xml=1" HTTP GET parameter) and you can re-format the results from the XML to suit your presentation requirements accordingly.
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      Thank you for a quick and valuable response! I'll let you know how did it go.


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        Any idea why it shows just the blank page and no console error? It works on local development just fine. The URL is Hope I'll figure this asap.


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          Suddenly it works as expected, but I've never changed anything and haven't deleted any cached resources. Sorry for false alarm, I'll monitor behaviour closely now.