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Geospatial data file indexing and searches?

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  • Geospatial data file indexing and searches?

    Can Zoom v7.1 be used to index and search for geospatial data files with the following extensions?:

    .ADF - ArcInfo Coverage
    .ADRG - ARC Digitized Raster Graphics (Developed by NGA)
    .ArcSDE - Spatial Database Engine
    .ASC - ASCII Text File
    .ASCII - ASCII Text File
    .BIL - Band Interleaved by Line / Image
    .BIP - Band Interleaved by Pixel
    .BND - Grid Boundary File
    .BSQ - Band Sequential
    .CADRG - Compressed ARC Digitized Raster (Developed by NGA)
    .CIB - Controlled Image Base (Developed by NGA)
    .DAT - Data (General)
    .DBF - dBase Table File file format
    .DEM - Digital Elevation Model
    .DLG - Digital Line Graph (USGS Format)
    .DRG - Digital Raster Graphic (USGS format)
    .DT0 - DTED - Level 0 File
    .DT1 - DTED - Level 1 File
    .DT2 - DTED - Level 2 File
    .DWG - AutoCAD Drawing Database
    .ECRG - NGA's Enhanced Compressed ARC Raster Graphics
    .GBF-DIME - Geographic Base File, Dual Independent Map Encoding
    .GML - Geography Markup Language File (XML Based)
    .GPX - GPS Exchange Format
    .IMG - ERDAS IMAGINE Image File Format
    .JP2 - JPEG 2000
    .JPEG - Joint Photographic Expert Group Image File
    .JPG - Joint Photographic Expert Group Image File
    .JPG2 - JPEG 2000 Image
    .JPW - World File for JPEG
    .KML - Keyhole Markup Language File
    .KMZ - Google Earth Placemark Common / Compressed KML
    .LAS - LASer File Format
    .LYR - Layer
    .MXD - ArcGIS Map Document
    .NTF - National Transfer Format
    .OSM - OpenStreetMap
    .PNG - Portable Network Graphics
    .SDW - MrSID (Multiresolution Seamless Image Database) Generation 2 & 3
    .SHP - Shapes File
    .SID - MrSID (Multiresolution Seamless Image Database)
    .TIF - Tagged Image File Format (TIFF) Image
    .TIFF - Tagged Image File Format (TIFF) Image
    .XML - Extensible Markup Language
    .XYZ - Cartesian Coordinate System

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    The list of supported file formats for indexing can be found here.

    But you can add your own as well. For example many of the above files are in text or XML format, so they will all also be OK.