Plugins for Zoom Search Engine V7

Zoom supports the use of plugins to search and index various popular file formats. By installing these plugins, you will be able to search file types such as Word documents and Adobe Acrobat PDF files.

Starting with V7, plugin support is available in all editions of Zoom (Free, Professional, or Enterprise). You no longer have to install plugins separately.

Plugins for Zoom Search Engine V6

Stop iconIf you are using Zoom V7, you DO NOT need to install plugins separately.
Plugins are now installed during Zoom software installation.
If you are having issues with plugins, check the FAQ.

Complete plugins installer package for V6

Download Icon Download all plugins (2.7 MB)   (Last updated: 14/Dec/2012)

You can now download all of the plugins listed below in one convenient installer package. This single executable will install all plugins currently available for Zoom. Please see "Using the plugins" below for further instructions.


Note that former V5 users need to reinstall the plugins with this package for them to be recognized by V6. This package will not work for V5.

Individual plugin download

Stop iconIf you are using Zoom V7, you DO NOT need to install plugins separately.
Plugins are now installed during Zoom software installation.
If you are having issues with plugins, check the FAQ.

For help on installing and enabling these indivdiual plug ins, please refer to the instructions below.

File type File extension Package Author Last updated Requires Download
(95-2003) documents
.DOC zoomdoc
PassMark Version 1.5 (24/May/2011) Zoom 6.0 or later Download
(ZIP file, 224 KB)
Acrobat documents .PDF xpdf
Glyph & Cog, LLC.
14/Dec/2012 Zoom 2.0 or later >Download
(ZIP file, 427 KB)
.XLS xlhtml
xlhtml project 4/Jun/2010 Zoom 2.1 or later >Download
(ZIP file, 80 KB)
(95-2003) presentations
.PPT ppthtml
xlhtml project 4/Jun/2010 Zoom 2.1 or later height="44">Download
(ZIP file, 59 KB)
WordPerfect documents .WPD wpd2text
libwpd-tools 29/June/2004 Zoom 3.1 or later >Download
(ZIP file, 840 KB)
Shockwave Flash .SWF swf2html Macromedia & PassMark 1/May/2009 Zoom 6.0 or later >Download
(ZIP file, 53 KB)
Rich Text Format .RTF rtf2txt Rei 30/Oct/2007 Zoom 4.0 or later height="36">Download
(ZIP file, 30 KB)
DjVu documents .DjVu djvutotext LizardTech 22/Jun/2005 Zoom 4.1 or later >Download
(ZIP file, 561 KB)
Image files .JPG
ImageInfo PassMark 7/Jul/2011 Zoom 5.0 or later Download
(ZIP file, 141 KB)
MP3 audio files .MP3 MP3Info PassMark 23/Aug/2007 Zoom 5.0 or later Download
(ZIP file, 54 KB)
AutoCAD files
.DWF DWFInfo PassMark 1/Nov/2006 Zoom 5.0 or later Download
(ZIP file, 130 KB)
Office 2007 documents .DOCX
PassMark Version 1.0 (4/July/2008) Zoom 6.0 or later >Download
(ZIP file, 68 KB)
MHT web archive .MHT mhtplugin PassMark 9/May/2012 Zoom 6.0 or later >Download
(ZIP file, 34 KB)
ZIP file archive .ZIP (Built-in) PassMark 17/Dec/2008 Zoom 6.0 or later >(Built-in)

Installing a plugin

You can download and install all plug-ins in one go by using the "Complete plugins installer package" above. With this package, all you have to do is run the installer, and select the folder to install to (it should find the right one for you but if it does not, check the information below for the correct path).

If you wish to only install the individual plugins you require, you can download the plugins one at a time from the list at the top of this page.

The location of the plugin folder has changed in Zoom 6 (due to the need to be compatible with Vista/Win7 and Microsoft’s general avoidance to writing to the “Program Files” folder).

On Vista and Windows 7, this would typically be the following (you may need to enable viewing of hidden directories to see it):
C:\ProgramData\Wrensoft\Zoom Search Engine Indexer\plugins\

On XP, it is usually something like this:
C:\Documents and Settings\All Users\Application Data\Wrensoft\Zoom Search Engine Indexer\plugins\

When you have correctly installed the plugin, upon restarting the Indexer, you should see an additional initialization line in the log window (click on the “Log” tab): "Plugin for Office 2007 files found. DOCX, XLSX, and PPTX file support enabled." You can now add ".pptx", etc. to your file extensions list, and index your Office 2007 files.

Once you have located this folder, you will need to unzip the ZIP file you've downloaded into the "plugins" sub-folder (allow it to overwrite files if prompted). You can then restart Zoom and the index log on the right should indicate if it has found the plugin and the supported file extension will now be enabled. You can now add the file extension to the Extensions list (see "Using the plugins" below)

Note: The readme instructions within the ZIP files are not necessary to use them as plugins with Zoom.

Using the plugins

Once a plugin is installed, all you have to do is open the Configuration window, and add the file extension supported to the Extension List (under the "Scan options" tab). For example, ".doc" for Word document support. Click OK and start indexing. You may want to save this setting with your configuration.

Upgrading a plugin

As new versions of the plugins become available on the website, simply copy them into the same "plugins" directory, overwriting the old plugin.


If you have trouble with getting the plugins to work or to index a particular file, please refer to our support page for plugins.

Shockwave Flash support (SWF plugin)

The SWF plugin allows Zoom to not only search through the text found within a SWF file, but also find links to other pages for spider mode indexing. This means that once you install the SWF plugin, you will be able to spider index a site which is dependant on Flash-based navigation. You will also be able to index and search Macromedia's new printable document format: FlashPaper, in UTF-8 encoding. More information on Flash support here.

GPL and LGPL licensed source code

Source code for the GPL and LGPL open source modules can be found at the following sites, XPDF, xlhtml, wpd2text. We can also E-mail a copy of the source code to you if required should these sites disappear.