PDF highlighting

How do I enable Jump to match and highlighting within Acrobat PDF files?

Adobe has deprecated this feature in the latest version of their reader (Acrobat Reader X) and currently provide no alternative. Highlighting within the PDF document in Acrobat Reader X is currently not possible until Adobe changes their software.

For highlighting within PDF documents, enable the "Highlight and locate matched words within PDF document viewer" option by double clicking on the ".pdf" extension on the "Scan Options" tab of the Zoom Configuration window.

Note that this feature passes the query to the Acrobat Reader application or plugin that is running in your browser. This feature is supported by default in Acrobat Reader versions up to 8. In Acrobat Reader 9 however, the feature is disabled by default. You can enable this feature in Acrobat Reader under "Edit"->"Preferences"->"Search" and checking the option "Enable search highlights from external highlight server".

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