Click below to watch our Flash movie! This is the full guided tour of Zoom, showing you just how easy it is to add search to your own website.

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How Zoom works

The following is a brief HTML tour of how you can add a search engine to your website, using the Zoom Search Engine package.

First, index your site using the Zoom Indexer from any Windows desktop computer.
The spider start URL is the location where the spider will begin its crawl. You can also use Offline mode to index files on your local hard disk, independent of links.

Zoom will scan through
all the pages of your site, and create a set of index files for your search engine.

Spider indexing - scans an online hosted website by spider crawling the links it finds


Zoom can FTP upload files to your web server. It will remember your settings and can be configured to automatically upload after every indexing.

Down left arrow

Tour dat files

Once the index files have been generated, you can upload them to your website using Zoom.

Alternatively, you can copy them over to a CD-ROM, DVD-ROM, or local Intranet server.

... and that's it!

Now just start up your favourite web browser and enter the URL to the search page you've uploaded, and you will find your new website search engine, ready for action!

PHP search page uploaded and running on your web site.

Fine tune and customize everything!

Zoom is loaded with configuration options, so you can customize everything from colors, fonts, and layout to changing text messages, the relevance/weight of pages and words, and much much more.

Tour configuration v6

Adjust indexer settings with our simple user friendly interface! No script hacking required.




Find broken links, create sitemaps, ... and more

Zoom also comes packed with extra features that no web designer or site administrator can do without. Here are some of the many built-in features:

Broken link finder
Zoom will find and report broken links found whilst it crawls your website.

Screenshot of broken links being found by Zoom

Sitemap generator
Zoom can generate sitemap files in Yahoo™ and Google™ Sitemap formats which you can submit to Internet-wide search engines. This can be used as an SEO (Search Engine Optimization) tool, helping these external search engines better find the pages on your site and improve your coverage on the Internet.

Search statistics reporting
Get a better idea what your visitors are looking for! Zoom can log* statistics and searches made on your site and produce graphical reports. Find out what the "Top 10 searches" are on your site for the week, month or year(s)!
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