Old version history (V5.1 and earlier)

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Note: We are no longer working on Version 5.1, as development have moved on to Version 6.0, but you can download the final 5.1 release (Build 1017) here and get the Users Guide for this version here. This is purely for supporting users of the previous version.

We recommend upgrading to Version 6.0 where possible, as we have improved many aspects of Zoom and have addressed many issues based on user feedback.

Version 5.1.1017 (9 Sep 2008)

  • Added support for „ (upside down curly quotes for German).
  • Fixed issue with CGI not running on older Linux distributions.
  • Fixed bug with incorrect PHP results when more than approx. 200 categories are specified.
  • Fixed bug with not enforcing start point limits during incremental indexing.
  • Fixed bug with not boosting words right before the tag for tag-based boosting (e.g. boosting for headings)
  • Fixed bug with not progressing to completion after limit is reached.
  • Fixed bug with max description length over 500 not being restored from a saved config.
  • Fixed bug with "zoom_plugin.in" appearing as title for some indexed XLS files.

Version 5.1.1016 (21 May 2008)

  • Added Polish ZLANG language file.
  • Added handling of curly quotes to be treated as straight quote characters.
  • Added support for gershayim character.
  • Updated ligature insensitivity for "eszett" character to be mapped to "ss".
  • Fixed bug with registration in Vista requiring elevated administrator privileges.
  • Fixed bug with   (non-breaking space entity).
  • Fixed bug in CGI when searching with wildcards at the end of the word.
  • Fixed bug with changing (and restoring) locales which may have caused crashes at the end of indexing.
  • Added error handling for reading in recommended links from a corrupt or invalid ZCFG file.
  • Fixed bug which allowed user to enter a multi-line recommended link description (which results in invalid ZCFG files).
  • Fixed error message when indexing an invalid additional offline start point.
  • Fixed bug with "-" being identified as a non-spacing character.
  • Fixed bug with incorrect FTP error messages.

Version 5.1.1015 (23 Apr 2008)

  • Fixed bug with sitemaps escaping the "&" character incorrectly in URLs.
  • Fixed bug when handling some meta robots tags (causing incorrect parsing of other meta information).
  • Improve handling of download threads. Should fix some stalling issues.
  • Fixed ASP script issue with invalid parameters for zoom_per_page, etc.
  • Fixed PHP script issue with "+" character
  • Updated French ZLANG language file.

Version 5.1.1014 (20 Mar 2008)

  • Fixed issue with previous build not running in Windows 98 or ME.
  • Added FTP uploading support for incremental "Delete pages" operation.
  • Improved support for the Bengali language in UTF-8.
  • Changed "robots.txt" behaviour to only look for the file at the root level of the domain and not the base URL.
  • Fixed Linux CGI issues due to compatibility problems with compiler and different versions of Linux.

Version 5.1.1013 (5 Mar 2008)

  • Fixed crash bug caused by Windows Data Execution Protection (DEP).
  • Fixed crash bug caused by a robots.txt file with a large number of disallow entries.
  • Fixed bug with not being able to change the extension for thumbnail images.
  • Increased the maximum number of skip pages from 200 to 1000.
  • Fixed bug in CGI version which failed to highlight short titles and [;:] characters would appear.
  • Fixed crash bug in CGI version when using multiple categories with incrementally updated index files.

Version 5.1.1012 (22 Feb 2008)

  • Added support for UTF-16 response from web server.
  • Changed behaviour of Javascript output when GB2312 is selected.
  • Fixed bug with incremental indexing corrupting UTF-8 characters.
  • Fixed bug with not reading in multiple disallows from "robots.txt"
  • Fixed bug with not being able to disable thumbnails in Configuration window.
  • Fixed bug in ASP script with Option Explicit support causing "Variable is undefined" errors.
  • Fixed crash bug in CGI triggered when zoom_query is too long.
  • Fixed bug with Status window reporting too many "Start points scanned" when using performing incremental indexing.
  • Fixed bug with hash sign "#" not being stripped from words even when it is disabled from word joining.

Version 5.1.1011 (11 Jan 2008)

  • Fixed crash bug when indexing a long string of "++" characters.
  • Updated ASP script to prevent problems with different regional settings on IIS servers which caused some search result text to be encoded incorrectly.
  • Updated the XML sitemap schema header to match Google's revised requirements for validation.
  • Added support for more characters from the Czech alphabet in the diacritic insensitive feature.
  • Added warning message when XML sitemap contains zero URLs (most likely an incorrect sitemap base URL has been specified).

Version 5.1.1010 (7 Dec 2007)

  • Fixed bug with searching for exact phrases containing accented words when accent insensitivity is enabled.
  • Changed spelling suggestions for multiple words or phrases to always use boolean OR so that suggestions will always return results.
  • Fixed potential stalling issue when spider throttling is enabled, and the system is running low on resources.
  • Fixed memory leaks when accent insensitivity is enabled.
  • Fixed various handle leaks when processing plugin supported files, etc.
  • Fixed CGI bug with extraneous ">" character in XML/OpenSearch output.

Version 5.1.1009 (15 Nov 2007)

  • Added support for searching and indexing words such as "C++" and "C#".
  • Fixed crash bug on Windows 98.
  • Fixed bug with icon image setting in the Configuration window which failed to remember the user specified URL.
  • Fixed bug with Indexer stalling indefinitely when indexing on some servers.
  • Fixed bug with Indexer stalling indefinitely when the start point URL is an image file which needs to be skipped because it is smaller than the minimum file size specified.
  • Fixed bug with the "Copy entire log to clipboard" function.
  • Added blank ALT attributes to img tags produced by the search page for icons and thumbnails.

Version 5.1.1008 (6 Nov 2007)

  • Added support for content-type "text/xml".
  • Changed the default output directory when none specified in the ZCFG file. This avoids defaulting to the "Program Files" folder (which is now a restricted folder in Vista) or the System32 folder when running from a Start Menu shortcut in Vista.
  • Changed statistic reports tool to default output to a "statistics" subfolder within the users' Documents or Personal folder (see above).
  • Updated "content-disposition" handling to allow for filenames containing space characters.
  • Changed the thumbnail/icon setting to allow a URL with an unrecognized image file extension (eg. a PHP file that serves an image is now possible).
  • Fixed bugs with the "Find" option in the Indexer configuration list windows (e.g. the synonyms list, recommended links, additional start folders, and additional start URLs) which would sometimes be stuck indefinitely.
  • Fixed meta tag parsing so that meta tags with name values enclosed in single quote characters would also be recognized (previously required them to be enclosed in double quotes).
  • Fixed wildcard matching bug in Indexer and CGI.
  • Fixed bugs causing Indexer to crash or stall indefinitely when using Incremental Update with Sitemaps enabled.
  • Fixed bug with "Dictionary exceeded ..." message.
  • Changed Statistic Reports Tool to open local log files directly (instead of making a copy from which to parse the file). This prevents issues with read-only log files.
  • Changed CGI to use GMT instead of UTC for pubDate in XML output.
  • Changed XML/RSS output of CGI to comply with RSS 2.0 (added atom namespace and changed opensearch:link to atom:link).
  • Fixed bugs in Javascript version (errors involving pgdate, pageinfo, catpage, and filesize variables)

Version 5.1.1007 (9 Oct 2007)

  • Fixed crash bug when indexing words exceeding maximum word length with the last several characters being word join characters.
  • Fixed crash bug when using "Incremental add pages" with Sitemaps enabled.
  • Fixed bug with recommended links being re-added to the index files during an incremental update or incremental add page operation.
  • Added optimizations to exclude filesizes and dates when disabled for Javascript index files.
  • Fixed bug with scheduler window when it has failed to initialize due to permission issues (eg. on Vista)

Version 5.1.1006 (21 Sept 2007)

  • Added Import and Export Synonyms feature. You can now import or export synonyms from/to a text file. See Help file for details.
  • Added fix for crash issue with Windows DEP (Data Execution Prevention) enabled. Zoom should no longer require an entry in the exception list to run with DEP enabled.
  • Changed the "Upload sitemap files" feature to include the sitemap text file ("urllist.txt") when selected (previously only XML sitemap files could be automatically uploaded by Zoom).
  • Changed statistics log tool to allow user the choice of continuing processing of a corrupted log file, ignoring further errors.
  • Fixed bug with indexing very long words (over the 35 character limit) which could sometime cause Zoom to abort indexing the rest of the page.
  • Fixed crash bug when indexing Dublin Core meta tags in addition to a very long meta keywords tag.
  • Fixed bug with not being able to save configurations with a single character base URL or output directory (eg. "." or "/").
  • Added support for new exit code from updated PPT plugin.
  • Added changes to prevent unclosed quotation marks from broken HTML pages to filter out the rest of the page from being indexed.

Version 5.1.1004 (23 Aug 2007)

  • Patched a potential XSS security issue in the PHP, ASP and Javascript versions when using the Categories feature. The CGI version is not affected.
  • MP3 plugin updated: Fixed several crash bugs. Download updated plugin here.
  • Fixed bug in PHP script when using the "Highlight within PDF" option with an exact phrase query.
  • Changed behaviour of "Limit words per page" option so that it does not include words found in the title, meta description, filename or meta keywords of the page.
  • Added support for additional accent and ligature characters for the "accent insensitive" options. This now includes some Portuguese accent characters, and ligatures such as "œ", "æ", and more are now supported.
  • Added handling of redundant relative links such as "/../index.html" which was causing a download error previously.
  • Fixed potential issues with launching plugins.
  • Fixed bug with locating .DESC files for .DWF files.
  • Fixed minor bug with Zoom reporting itself to be running on XP when running on Vista.

Version 5.1.1003 (25 July 2007)

  • Fixed spelling suggestion bug in ASP script.
  • Fixed bug with image/thumbnail paths pointing to root folder when in Offline Mode and base URL is "./" and the thumbnail URL is relative (eg. "../")
  • Fixed bug with "Add list of pages to update" window not allowing more than 8 URLs to be entered in the window at any one time.
  • Changed browse window for Index Log Filenames to allow the selection of new (non-existing) filenames.
  • Added feature to prevent the crawling of links containing double slashes which would cause the spider to index duplicate pages with multiple slashes in the URL.

Version 5.1.1002 (28 June 2007)

  • Patched potential security issue related to HTTP cross site scripting XSS. Only the PHP script is effected. Javascript, ASP and CGI users are not impacted. There is no known exploit in the wild, but none the less, we recomend all users upgrade to this new release as soon as possible.
  • Fixed bug with robots.txt support not matching user modified User-agent strings, and always obeying "User-agent: *" even when another UA entry is already found.
  • Changed behaviour of FTP option for setting CGI file permissions to improve compatibility with some FTP servers.
  • Added support for using the filename as the title when indexing .TXT files.
  • Added support for converting curly quotes in numeric entity form.
  • Added support for treating <wbr> as a non-word breaking tag.
  • Fixed bug in PHP script which logged multiple IPs when more than one proxy is used.
  • RTF2TXT plugin updated to fix a crash bug on some Windows 2000 (or older) installations.

Version 5.1.1001 (18 June 2007)

  • Fixed bug with ZOOMSTOP and ZOOMRESTART tags not effectively excluding blocks of content from being indexed (bug introduced in build 5.1.1000 only).
  • Fixed bug with ']' character not appearing in context descriptions.

Version 5.1.1000 (15 June 2007)

  • New "Spider Throttling" feature: You can now specify a delay between requests to be sent to the web server. This can be useful when you are crawling a web server which is under heavy load and you wish to minimize any additional load that can be placed on the server during the spidering process.
  • New "robots.txt" file support: Zoom will now (by default) look for "robots.txt" files (for each start point) when indexing in Spider Mode and obey the instructions specified to skip certain paths or delay/throttle its crawling process. This allows you to specify skip pages per start point, as well as throttle settings per start point. See the Users Guide for more information.
  • New robots meta tag support: Zoom will obey meta robots tags for "noindex" and "nofollow", e.g. <meta name="robots" content="noindex">
  • Added option to modify the User-Agent text (Enterprise Edition only).
  • Added support for ".wma" and ".psd", currently indexing filenames only.
  • Fixed bug with URLs containing HTML entities.
  • Fixed bug with filtering HTML code within inline Javascript, which was causing some HTML to appear in the context description.
  • Fixed bug with Incremental Indexing (was not unescaping entities in existing URLs, causing broken HTML entities after incremental indexing attempts.
  • You can now use a base URL in the form of "http://mysite.com/page.php?var="
  • Fixed bug with the "Strip arabic diacritic marks" option.
  • Fixed PHP issue when script is executed on a server with non-default working directory settings causing the search template to be not found.
  • Fixed PHP bug with skipped words and recommended links.
  • Fixed bug with PHP script logging incorrect IP address when it is hosted on a server behind a proxy.
  • Fixed ASP bug with spelling suggestions causing script to error or fail in some cases.
  • Fixed CGI bug with incorrectly converted date/time reported for files.
  • Fixed CGI bug with some Greek characters (eg. small greek letter pi).

Version 5.0.1008 (9 May 2007)

  • Improved UTF-8 support in the CGI version for case insensitive searching. We've added built-in code to handle case conversions instead of relying on locale settings of the server. This should significantly improve searching for non-latin based languages with upper/lowercase variations.
  • Improved support for searching Japanese and other Asian languages in Javascript and PHP by adding support for splitting search words (entered by the end user) based on character type.
  • Added option to "Strip arabic diacritic marks" on the Languages tab of the Configuration window.
  • Changed Indexer support for some incremental command-line parameters (addpages, addstartpt, etc.) to use a semi-colon character instead of a pipe character for delimiting the base URL parameter.
  • Changed "Content Filtering" feature to not perform partial matching for words (eg. "-admin" will no longer filter out pages containing "administrator").
  • Added support for ".tif" file extension (will be treated the same as ".tiff").
  • Fixed bug with Statistic Reports treating logged search words case sensitively.
  • Fixed bug with Indexer waiting indefinitely without automatically stopping and finishing the index when a limit has been reached.
  • Fixed bug with Spider Mode mis-recognizing the file extension when parameters are appended by semi-colons or commas.
  • Fixed bug in CGI version where spelling suggestions were offered for skipped words.
  • Fixed bug in ASP script which determined incorrect search word length when wildcards are used.
  • Fixed bug with missing space character in search results description when the first word of content is a single letter and context description is disabled.

Version 5.0.1007 (23 Mar 2007)

  • Added fix for crash issue when DEP (Data Execution Prevention) is enabled for all applications in Windows. Zoom will now (upon installation) add itself to the list of applications to be excluded from DEP. This is important for Windows 2003 Server SP2 users, as Microsoft has enabled DEP by default with SP2.
  • Fixed issue with creating empty "urllist.txt" sitemap files. This was due to our recently added feature which excluded URLs not matching the Sitemap Base URL. This rule is now only applied to the XML sitemap.
  • Changed "Avg. unique words per page" counter to be reported up to 2 decimal places, to avoid a "zero" value when indexing more pages than unique words.
  • Improved accuracy of retrieving information on total and available physical memory.
  • Added support for "zoom%5Fquery" parameter in the CGI version, as required by the Flash search interface.
  • Added error checking in CGI search function to avoid crashes when the pagedata file is corrupted.

Version 5.0.1006 (19 Mar 2007)

  • Updated Spanish ZLANG language file.
  • Added check for URLs to be within the Sitemap Base URL for them to be included in the sitemap output. This prevents the creation of invalid Google Sitemap files when indexing multiple domains or using recommended links to external sites.
  • Fixed bug with incremental indexing causing context descriptions to be incorrect when skipped words and/or synonyms are used.
  • Fixed bug with synonyms becoming skipped words when incremental indexing is used.
  • Fixed flushing and merging of synonyms on very large sites.

Version 5.0.1005 (9 Mar 2007)

  • Added "Rewrite links" feature which allows you to rewrite the indexed URLs (eg. replace all URLs containing "http://dev.myserver.com/" to "http://www.myserver.com").
  • Added encoding of unsafe characters in URLs created in Offline Mode.
  • Fixed bug with associating icon/image by file extension when URL contains GET parameters (eg. "myfile.asp?param=1")
  • Fixed Javascript bug when searching for words containing apostrophe characters.
  • Fixed Indexer crash bug caused by indexing long filenames or paths (especially if containing many spaces) in Offline Mode.
  • Fixed handling with recommended links containing punctuation characters.
  • Fixed memory usage in Indexer when configuring Recommended Links.
  • Fixed bug when indexing pages with unusual HTML entities such as line feeds and carriage returns. This caused invalid index data files to be created and a CGI crash (or script errors).

Version 5.0.1004 (14 Feb 2007)

  • Fixed crash bug in CGI when 3 spelling suggestions are available for a search query.
  • Fixed crash bug in CGI when there are more than 100 categories.
  • Fixed bug in ASP script causing overflow error when displaying a search result with a filesize larger than 32 MB.
  • Updated Swedish language file.
  • Removed requirement for ZoomIndexer.exe to have write permissions to the folder in which Zoom is installed to. Zoom will now write temporary files (eg. "zoom.ini" and "zoom_plugin.in", etc.) in the Windows assigned User folders (eg. "Documents and Settings" on XP).
  • Fixed bug with index log file being written out to disk despite "Save index log to file" option is disabled.
  • Changed console mode to not write to the "zoom.ini" file.

Version 5.0.1003 (7 Feb 2007)

  • Added support for indexing Dublin Core meta tags: DC.Title, DC.Subject, DC.Identifier (option available on the "Indexing Options" tab of the Configuration window).
  • Added Console Mode command-line option for the Enterprise Edition.
  • Added dates to be logged on each line when Index Log is configured to be saved to file.
  • Added trimming of leading and trailing spaces for the skip pages list.
  • Added checking of valid URL when using the -addpage parameter.
  • Added support for space characters to be used in content filtering entries.
  • Increased the maximum size of the meta keywords buffer from 1000 to 2000 characters.
  • Fixed indexer crash bug when indexing with over 200 categories.
  • Fixed indexer bug which was allowing space characters in synonym entries.
  • Fixed CGI crash bug when zoom_sort=1 parameter is used and dates are disabled for the index.
  • Fixed ASP bug with phrases not matching recommended links when the query is made in uppercase.
  • Fixed Javascript bug with recommended links being case sensitive.
  • Fixed CGI bug with not using the STR_OR entry in the ZLANG file.
  • Fixed indexer bug with not using the origin URL when an embedded link (such as an <img src="..."> tag) is followed, when "ALT text" is disabled from indexing.
  • Fixed CGI bug with not displaying search results

Version 5.0.1002 (16 Jan 2007)

  • Added language file for Ukrainian. Updated language file for Russian.
  • ImageInfo plugin and MP3Info plugin have been updated which fixes several bugs and issues. Download updated plugins.
  • Fixed bug with .desc files not being retrieved and scanned for MP3 and image files indexed.
  • Fixed issues with displaying some punctuation and symbol characters (such as copyright and trademark symbols) in the context description.
  • Fixed issues with words using apostrophe as a word join character.
  • Fixed bug with missing accent/diacritic characters in PDF files.
  • Fixed crash bug when performing an incremental update.
  • Fixed bug with using incremental update on a site requiring HTTP authentication.
  • Fixed bug with incremental update stalling and not completing when no pages need to be re-indexed.
  • Fixed bug with incremental update removing recommended links.
  • Fixed crash bug when deleting pages from existing index with sitemaps enabled.
  • Fixed CGI bugs with link to last page of results missing and when a too large zoom_per_page parameter is specified.
  • Fixed bug with month displayed for "Start index time" in Indexing Status and Index Summary.
  • Fixed display of Zoom Indexer GUI text from being truncated on screens with a large DPI setting.
  • Updated "jump to highlighting" script (highlight.js) with a flag to allow users to easily disable the "jump to" function.

Version 5.0.1001 (12 December 2006)

  • Added support for Big5 (Traditional Chinese) and GB2312 (Simplified Chinese) encodings.
  • Added language files for Arabic, Korean, Hebrew, and Chinese. Updated language files for German and Swedish.
  • Added ".mov" to the list of binary file formats which can be indexed by filename only.
  • Fixed issue with starting Zoom Indexer on Windows 98 and Windows ME.
  • Fixed crash bug in ASP script when dates were disabled from the results layout.
  • Fixed crash bug in CGI which could occur when titles were disabled from results layout and titles or descriptions contained percentage signs.
  • Fixed crash bug in Indexer when performing an incremental update with sitemaps enabled.
  • Changed file extension for thumbnails in the Configuration window to be a text box instead of a dropdown box, allowing users to specify the file extension in uppercase or lowercase.
  • Changed the use of the ZOOMPAGEBOOST value in Google Sitemap output. Previously, this was affected by the content density and short URL preference controls. It will now directly correspond to the <priority> field of the XML sitemap output.
  • Removed the use of "zoomindexer.log" when Zoom is started with an autorun parameter (eg. as a scheduled task). If you need a log file for your task, you should now configure it manually from the "Index log" tab of the Configuration window.

Version 5.0 released! (1 December 2006)

Version 5.0 is a major upgrade, with the introduction of many powerful new features based on feedback from our active user community, while further optimizations have been made to increase performance and capacity without sacrificing the ease of use and flexibility that has always been the trademark of the Zoom Search Engine.

Some of the major new features of Version 5.0 include:

  • Incremental indexing: Update or add new pages to your index without needing to perform a full re-index. Available for spider mode indexing and PHP, ASP and CGI platforms only.
  • Display icons and thumbnails with search results: You can configure images (such as icons and thumbnails) to appear alongside your search results. Combined with the image indexing option (see "Search image files" below) , you can implement image searching capabilities to your website. Note that Zoom does not generate thumbnails or icon images and you must specify the appropriate paths and filenames to these files. More details.
  • Search image files: With the use of our new image plugin, you can now index and search image files (.JPG, .GIF, .PNG, and .TIFF) by their filename, meta title, description, keywords, ALT text, or link text, in addition to many image properties (such as camera model, dimensions, etc.). More details.
  • Recommended links: Option to add pages and links to appear at the top of your results when a user searches for certain keywords. This allows you to specify the best results for certain searches, or gives you the ability to setup special listings for your sponsors, if you so desire.
  • Content filtering: Selectively include or exclude pages from being indexed depending on keywords found (or not found) in the content of the file.
  • Broken link detection: Find broken links (links to mistyped URLs or missing pages returning 404 errors) on your website while indexing.
  • Sitemap generator (Yahoo™ and Google™ Sitemap compatible): Generate a sitemap for your site at the same time as your index! This allows you to create sitemap files to submit to Internet-wide search engines such as Google and Yahoo to help them find all the pages on your site that their spiders may otherwise be incapable of finding.
  • Faster indexing and less RAM and CPU usage: Many of the internal algorithms were rewritten in V5 to use less RAM and a lot of code profiling was done to find sections of the code that were overly CPU intensive. We then rewrote those sections resulting in an overall reduction in CPU load, RAM usage and indexing time. This was done at the same time as we added many new features. Quite an achievement to add so many new features and use less resources than before.
  • Indexing enormous sites: We have made some significant optimizing which has led to an overhaul of the index structure and design, consequently allowing us to index and search a much larger amount of data than before. Memory usage has been reduced by more than half in most cases, and this includes all the new features and functionalities which we have added! We have also implemented a number of new techniques which allow us to index much larger sets of data than your physical memory would allow. This includes the ability to flush and merge index data as it is progressively written to disk. The indexing capability of the engine now exceeds a million average web pages, and we have introduced the Enterprise Edition for users who have such enormous search requirements.
  • Improved categories: We have listened to our users feedback and given our category feature an overhaul with some much requested options. These include: allowing files to belong to multiple categories, being able to search for multiple categories, wildcard category match patterns, the option to disable the default/catch-all category, and the use of a ZOOMCATEGORY meta tag to associate a file with a category manually.
  • Charset by page: Zoom will now use the charset specified in the page's meta tag or the HTTP header sent by the server when indexing files. Previously, the Indexer would always expect content to be delivered in the same charset specified in the Zoom configuration window (one charset per session). This means that you can now index various web pages (or websites) which employ different character sets or encoding. The indexed content will then be converted to the encoding selected in the configuration window, and your search page will use the same encoding.
  • XML/RSS (OpenSearch compatible) output: Option to display search results in OpenSearch compatible XML/RSS output. Allows you to post-process the search results via your own scripts, or provide RSS feeds for end-users, as well as the myriad of OpenSearch solutions becoming available online.
  • Adding meta data to remote files: You can now override incorrect meta data on remotely hosted sites (which you may not be able to change, or you do not wish to host .desc files on) by allowing Zoom to look for their corresponding .desc files in a local folder when spidering a remote website.
  • Highlighting words in PDF files: You can enable this option to allow searched words to be highlighted within PDF documents when they are opened in Acrobat Reader 7.0 or later.
  • Limit pages per start point: You can now restrict the number of pages to be indexed from a specific start point (and have different limits per start point).
  • MP3 audio file indexing: New plugin for indexing and searching meta data within MP3 files such as Title, Artist, Album, Duration and more.
  • AutoCAD (.DWF) file indexing: New plugin for indexing and searching technical data within DWF files.
  • Indexing filenames of recognized binary files: Due to popular request, we added the ability to index just the filenames from some binary file formats that we do not currently provide plugin support for. This includes .EXE, .ZIP, .WMV, .AVI, and .MPG. Unlike before, you can now index the filenames for these files (so that a search for "*.exe" could return all executables). You can also specify .desc files for these formats to specify custom meta descriptions, titles, or keywords. You can also specify an icon or image to associate with these files which would appear alongside the search results (eg. a disk icon next to all .zip files for download).
  • New CSS classes: We have added and removed some CSS classes, improving the customizability of the search results layout.
  • Improved FTP function: More reliable FTP uploading, catering for very large uploads and fixes a number of issues in the old version.
  • Minimize offline time for your search page whilst uploading: Previous versions would render your search page unusable for the duration of the upload process (while your new ZDAT files are uploading and overwriting the old files on your server). This new feature allow you to minimize this offline time by asking Zoom to upload the files with ".tmp" filenames and only renaming the files to their final destination when all files have been uploaded.
  • Search depth control: This allows you to configure the behaviour of the search engine when searching very large sites. This affects how far your searches will be able to go when a large number of results is returned (usually when someone performs a vague search on a large site with tens of thousands of pages).
  • Windows Vista support.
  • Sun Solaris support for the search.cgi via a seperate download
  • Many other bug fixes and improvements based on users' requests and beta testers feedback


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