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ASP.NET Server Control.

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  • ASP.NET Server Control.

    On the page, it only has a download for Version 7 of the ASP.NET server control. Is there a new version of this and if so, where can I download it?

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    Unfortunately, we have decided to discontinue the ASP.NET Server Control option in Zoom V8.

    This was in response to changes in our user base, and Microsoft's own indication of the future of the platform.

    In our review, it is no longer a commercially viable option for us to continue to support or develop for.

    As such, Zoom V8 will officially no longer support the ASP.NET Server Control.

    However, the V7 Server Control will still continue to work and be compatible with index files created with Zoom V8.

    It will remain as a legacy option, and we will assist V7 customers under support, when used within the designed usage.
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