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Can't Activate License Key

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  • Can't Activate License Key

    I installed Zoom on the client's computer, I had it on mine but I took it off, and now I can't validate my key on their machine. What can i do?

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    The most common reason would be that you are trying to use a V4 license key in V5 of the software, or a V5 license key in V4 of the software.

    If you can E-mail us the details of your order we can tell you which version you purchased.


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      need v4 license

      I have a similar problem. We, at National Development Research Institutes in New York bought & installed Zoom v4.2 last year on a machine that's no longer working. The assisstant who was in charge no longer works here and I don't know our license key. I tried emailing 'info' as per the contact us page but that address was rejected by the wrensoft email server. I tried emailing 'zoom' as per the support page, but haven't received a response. What should I do? Thanks in advance.


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        I edited you post to remove the actual E-mail address. Spamers pick up E-mail addresses from the form & spam us. Other people wanting our E-Mail address should see our contacts page.

        E-Mail to the info address should not have been rejected. Are you sure that it was a reject message and not just a delivery delay message? Do you have the actual reject message?

        We respond to all E-Mail on the same day that we get it and we have already exchanged about half a dozen E-Mails with the NDRI during the past 12 months.

        I'll do some checking here, but when did you sent the E-Mail to the Zoom address and did you check to see if our response ended up in your spam filter?


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          You were right. The info I requested was in my spam filter, and it was in response to my original email last week. The undeliverable message I got was just a delivery delay message. I'll try it out. (Hopefully it's the right account--I guess a few folks here are using zoom.) Thanks!