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V6 - XSS Vulnerability testing

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  • V6 - XSS Vulnerability testing


    I have been told that one of my sites has an XSS vulnerability and after running XSS ME (Firefox add-on) the only issue I can detect appears to relate to my zoom_query search input box. The site is passing the XSS String Test but Iím getting reports certain characters were found to be unencoded (the characters identified are ; \ / Ď =).

    Is there a way to correct the code to fix this issue?

    Thank you

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    We no longer support V6.
    But we are not aware of any issue. Even if it was true (and I don't think it is), a couple of unencoded characters doesn't mean there is a XSS issue.
    If you can show an actual example of a XSS issue in V6, we can check if there is the same behaviour in V7.