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  • Result_pagelinks


    The paging tag (result_pagelinks) under each searchresult when having a lot of searchresults is giving me a headache. If the list is long and my container in which it displays short i can't get the list wrap to the next line. Instead the list partly disappears. Only the arrow to the right wraps to a new line.
    Any ideas to resolve this? thanks, steven.

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    Can you use a smaller font, or wider container?


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      No that is not possible and the font is allready small. But sure there must be a way to do this?


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        It is on our list of things to do for V6.1, to add an option which controls the number of result page links down the bottom (I presume you mean "result_pages", by the way).

        Having said that, it only ever shows 10 result pages to the left and right of the current page at the moment, so it's rarely a problem. It should also automatically wrap based on the default CSS (nothing is defined to prevent it from wrapping). So if it isn't wrapping properly, I suspect there is something unusual about the other CSS defined elsewhere on the page.
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