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Clicking on Search result .mht page only visible in sourcecode in webbrowser

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  • Clicking on Search result .mht page only visible in sourcecode in webbrowser


    A short while ago I purchased the ZoomSearch Pro 6 version. I wanted to use it on my harddrive and be able to search for interesting news articles which I stored on a particular place on the HD, a socalled news-articles archive directory. I use the Javascript feature of ZoomSearch and I was able to get some search result, but I was not able to open any .doc, .pdf, .mht or .rtf result page document.
    I stored these locally on my HD.

    Today I was trying, i.e. testing, to store the archive of those documents (.mht, .pdf, .doc, .xls) etc.
    online in my userspace of my ISP.
    Now it did finally work but when I was trying to open e.g. an .mht file via the result page by clicking on
    the link, it only showed me the sourcecode for it. I tried it in both webbrowsers of IE version 11
    and in Firefox version 25.01.

    Is there anything that I did wrong ? I had no errors while indexing. I used only 10 files as a test,
    each with a different file format (,doc, .pdf, .xlsx, .mht, .txt, .rtf, .ppt, .pps, .zip ).

    Thanks in advance for help in this matter.


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    When any files are served from a web server, there are two points of configuration that determines how a file will be opened.

    First, the web server itself must be configured to recognize a file type and inform the client (in this case, your browser) what this file is, and how to open it.

    Second, the browser (on your computer) must also be configured to open this file in the appropriate manner when it is given this certain file type.

    Because PDF, DOC, and XLS files are common files on the web, these settings are typically pre-configured on both the web server and your browser.

    MHT files however are not commonly accessed over the web. They are typically only used locally on the computers that the archive was created. So it is likely that your web server has not been configured to recognize this file type, and it may have simply defaulted to considering it as a plain text file (which is why you are seeing it as source code).

    To address this, you will need to be able to add MIME types to your web server configuration. This will vary depending on your server (Apache/IIS) and you should consult your hosting company.

    I presume you have uploaded the .mht files on to the web server. Try accessing the file directly via the URL it should be available, e.g.

    It should also behave similarly. And this would confirm that the problem is with the server configuration and is not related to Zoom.
    Wrensoft Web Software
    Sydney, Australia
    Zoom Search Engine


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      Hello Ray,

      Thanks for your reply. I already found out when testing, that it did actually opened a .mht document
      on a another computer and accessed by clicking on the link in the Search Result page which was generated
      by Zoom Search Engine when performing a keyword search and the url looks indeed like this:
      In e.g. Firefox and IE webbrowser I'm able to load the .mht directly using the http link url above following
      the menu options of the particular webbrowser. I know that there is a plugin available for handling .mht (archive) documents in webbrowsers. I think this issue could be related to a webbrowser setting somewhere. But at the moment I'm not sure what that particular setting would be.



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        Give us the URL to your web site (via PM or e-mail if you wish to keep it private). And we can take a closer look.
        Wrensoft Web Software
        Sydney, Australia
        Zoom Search Engine