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MP3 metadata indexing

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  • MP3 metadata indexing

    I have a site that has several mp3 files with metadata that I am indexing. If I perform the index via spidermode it works fine. However, if I index the site offline from saved site on my hard drive it seems to not index the metadata from the mp3's. Am I missing a setting or is this to be expected?

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    Indexing MP3 files from Offline mode or Spider mode should have the same effect.

    But while investigating this issue, I did find a bug where the MP3 indexing options (found under "Configure"->"Scan options"->".mp3"->"Config"), namely "Retrieve internal meta information (artist, etc)" and "Retrieve technical data (bitrate, etc.)..." have been swapped around, such that the former enables the latter, and vice versa.

    This means if your setting is to ONLY have "Retrieve internal meta information", then it will not find the Title/Artist of the track, and only index the bitrate/duration, etc.

    We will fix this for the next build.

    In the meantime, you can enable both options to workaround the problem, or only select the latter (but remember to change it back after the new build).

    Note that this bug was introduced in V7.1, and I'm not sure which build you are using, so I can't be sure if this bug applies to you, or if it is a different issue.
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      Thank you Ray for the response. I will give your suggestion a try and look forward to the update.