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Categorisation and other metrics

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  • Categorisation and other metrics

    I've consulted the help but can't find any metrics on this and wonder if anyone can provide an answer please? Is there a limit on the number of categories you can specify in ZOOM and is there a limit on the number of words or characters or patterns you can have in a pattern? Is there limit on the number of start points? I haven't run into any issues but am working up a big project and wonder if there is a point where I might hit a wall. Thank you!

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    There are some limits specified in Section 8.5 ("Technical Limits") of the Users Guide.

    But the ones you mentioned aren't in there, as they should be large enough that you'll never hit them.

    The maximum number of categories supported in the current version is 65,535.

    The maximum number of characters in a category pattern is 2083

    There is no limit on the number of start points (although you will be restricted by the amount of memory utilised)

    Hope that helps.
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      Thanks Ray - exactly what I was after!!!!