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Upgrading from V6 to V7 failed

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  • Upgrading from V6 to V7 failed

    Hi there

    I upgraded from V6 to V7... I am using CGI version on an ASP page. I use the code to embed CGI to ASp with WScript.

    Version 6 works ok. When I use same config file to index on V7 and of course all the files are regenerated, my search page doesn't work any more, it says:

    Content-type: text/html Unable to load settings.zdat file. The file appears to be invalid and may have been corrupted.

    But the settings.zdat file seems ok and it doesn't seem corrupted ;(

    My script in my ASP page is:

    Response.CodePage = 1250
    Dim WshShell, env, oExec
    Set WshShell = CreateObject("WScript.Shell")
    Set env = WshShell.Environment("Process")
    env.Item("REQUEST_METHOD") = "GET"
    env.Item("QUERY_STRING") = request.querystring

    set oExec = WshShell.Exec(Server.MapPath("/search/search.cgi"))
    oExec.StdOut.ReadLine() ' skip the HTTP header line
    Response.CodePage = 65001

    What could be wrong?


    PS - ASP version works
    PS2 - I am using Windows server 2016
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    Unable to load settings.zdat file. The file appears to be invalid and may have been corrupted
    This, at least, means the CGI script started to execute. Which is normally the hard part to get working.

    Very likely you have only done a partial update. The settings file needs to be from V7 (not V6), the CGI script itself needs to be from V7 (and not V6) and the index needs to be built with V7 (not V6). Or if you have built a new index, then maybe you uploaded some of the files to the wrong folder.


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      Hello again

      The CGI is from V7, because after indexing the indexer makes it and uploads it to the right folder (checked). New index is also made to correct folder, I don't need to upload it, it makes it in my inetpub folder...

      I loaded the settings from V6 into V7 and seemed to work, the zdat of course is from V7 as I opened it and says V7 inside. All 3 files you mention are new, but it doesn't work.

      V6 works beautifully.


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        Can with either get FTP (or remote desktop) access to your server.
        Or can you zip up all the V7 files you are using and E-mail them to us, or make them available to download.


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          Of course, I can give your ftp to my server. I'll do that tomorrow but I have to make V7 files again (that ones that do not work)...