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Search Results Page is a Blank White Page

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  • Search Results Page is a Blank White Page

    Hi, I have the Enterprise Version 7.

    Zoom was working beautifully until a couple days ago and now my search results page is white, with nothing showing. The search string and parameters is in the URL but nothing is showing on the page.

    Thanks in advance for helping.

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    If you are running PHP, the blank page is maybe because you have disabled showing errors in your PHP configuration on your server. You should be enable to enable it in your server configuration or alternatively, errors, are typically logged on the webserver error log. If we were to hazard a guess and you are running PHP, it possible your PHP configuration has a memory setting too low set per script. You can try increasing it to see if it would help.


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      Thanks Richard. I have a super high setting but will go back in and double check. I had an accident and my arm's in a splint, so sorry it took awhile to respond.


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        The php had not changed so I will need to find another solution.


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          Logically something must changed if it was working and now it isn't.
          Check the server error logs would be the next step.


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            I understand, David, and had checked and nothing showed up. This is not making any sense to me. I may need to switch to CGI.